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This page have been created to give everyone clarity on some of the most common questions surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). If you have any questions that aren’t referred to here please email

For COVID-19 updates please go to our updates page.

Is the Women’s Bowls NSW office open?

Yes, we are open Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm

Please see below for relevant contact details, should you require them:

General enquiries:
Phone: (02) 9267 7155
Social media: Facebook

Can we still hold our AGM?

Please read HERE for more information on the AGM.

Can I roll up, play social and competitions at my local club?

The new laws allow for lawn bowls to be played, as per normal, however venues (clubs) must have a COVID safe plan in place.  For more information please click here

Will Women’s Bowls NSW be looking into their affiliation fees?

Womens Bowls NSW is offering affiliation fee relief to clubs. For more information please click here

Can two people touch the jack on the same rink?

Our recommendation is that if you are playing social bowls then simply have two jacks at either end of the green that can be set by the skips foot. If you are playing competition then look at each lead carrying their own jack or having a bucket of disinfectant at each end of the rink. Some common sense comes into play here and members can make up their own mind as to what would be the best option for them. Jacks and mats should be sanitised between games.

NOTE: It is best to check with your club as each club may have its own rules regarding jacks and mats.

Is the COVID safety checklist the responsibility of the club ltd or the ladies management committee?

In most cases the club ltd will have a COVID safe plan that covers the bowls green, it needs to include a separate register for bowls and that mats and jacks are being disinfected between games.

What Women’s Bowls NSW events are cancelled?

The following events are CANCELLED for 2020 season:

NSW Indoor Singles Qualifying
State Carnival
City vs Country
State Trials
State Pennants
Weekend Pennants

What events have new dates?

State Championships (Club Malua and Tomakin Sports & Social Club)
Play Dates: Feb 2 – 10 2021
Closing (State Level): TBA

Champion of Champion Singles (Asquith Bowling Club)
Play dates: Early 2021 (new dates will be announced shortly)
Closing (State Level): TBA

Champion of Champion Pairs (Club Merrylands)
Play Dates: Thursday 4th March 2021 – Sunday 7th March 2021
Closing (State Level): TBA

Summer League State Finals (Blacktown Workers)
Play Dates: Saturday 27th February 2021 – Sunday 28th February 2021
Closing (State Level): Friday 5th February 2021

2020 Awards Night and District Presidents Conference postponed until February 2021

For an updated list of all events click HERE.

FAQs relating to Community Sport Restrictions

With the announcement by NSW Health to place community sport restrictions for Region/Zone/State events, Women’s Bowls NSW & Bowls NSW have produced an information sheet to help answer the most common enquiries.

Click HERE to read the FAQs.