Membership Recruitment

Needing Membership and Recruitment ideas?

Developing and growing bowls membership is a task that is the responsibility of all involved. It requires creativity, innovation and partnerships between individuals, clubs and the state body that can build on current initiatives. Every club no matter how big or small needs to work to increase membership to ensure the sport we all love continues and grows in the future.

On this page you will find resources that can assist your club.

Womens Bowls NSW Membership Committee

Womens Bowls NSW membership committee is there to assist and advise clubs with regards to recruitment of new members. They also run the WBNSW Grant Program to assist clubs with funding for membership drives.

To contact the committee please email

Membership Grant Scheme

The Membership Grant Scheme is designed to encourage and assist women’s bowling clubs in NSW to conduct membership drives with a view to increasing the number of women becoming playing members.  All women’s bowling clubs affiliated with WBNSW are eligible to apply for the grant to assist with membership drives. 

Application for Assistance

Clubs will need to complete the appropriate application form to apply for a grant. The onus will be on the club to provide documentation to WBNSW which will assist us in our decision to approve the grant and how much assistance to provide.  It is envisaged that the funds applied for will be used for membership drive costs which might include but are not limited to; printing, advertising, meal and/or drink vouchers, discounts on membership for one year, discounts on club apparel for one year, etc).  It is not envisaged that funds would be used to compensate volunteers for the event for their time or other personal costs.


The State Membership Committee will review all applications monthly and make recommendations to the Board on funds to be granted, based on merit.  This means that some or all of the funding applied for might be granted.  Our decision will be final and cannot be appealed. The grant may be applied for only once per annum in the calendar year.  It will only be able to be provided, after the event has been conducted, when the appropriate form and receipts have been received by WBNSW.

An upper limit of $300 per calendar year exists, per club.  It is preferable that applications for the grant are received with one month of the membership drive being conducted. 

Regional Bowls Managers (RBMs)

Regional Bowls Managers are a valuable resource that are available to every club.  They can help with recruitment and retention ideas, strategies and open days. To find your local RBM please refer to the RBM page on our website. (read more)