WBNSW Memos/Circulars

If you require copies of any memos prior to 2018 please contact WBNSW via email office@womensbowlsnsw.org or phone 9267 7155 with the memo number and details and a copy can be provided for you

Circular Title  Date Distributed
23CN/2021Officials Reaccreditation & Coaching Courses Update14/10/2021
22CN/2021Roadmap for Bowling Activities08/10/2021
21CN/2021Notice of Bowls NSW Ltd Regulations07/10/2021
20CN/2021Rules for Clubs Reopening After Lockdown06/10/2021
19CN/2021Update on 2021 State Events30/09/2021
18CN/2021NSW Roadmap to Recovery28/09/2021
17CN/2021Annual Membership Fee Due Dates Extended24/09/2021
16CN/2021Update on Restrictions for Areas out of Lockdown16/09/2021
15CN/2021Clarification on Return to Play13/09/2021
14CN/2021Update on Return to Play for Clubs10/09/2021
13CN/2021Play Suspended for State Events in 202120/08/2021
12CN/2021Roll Ups & Practice During Lockdown18/08/2021
11CN/20212021 Event Calendar30/07/2021
10CN/2021Membership Fees and Club Information19/07/2021
9CN/20212021 Event Updates15/07/2021
8CN/2021NSW v Queensland Test Series Cancelled08/07/2021
7CN/2021Extended Lockdown and Restrictions Update07/07/2021
6CN/20212021 State Pennant Finals (Open Gender) Rescheduled02/07/2021
5CN/2021Q&A – Membership & Competition Eligibility29/06/2021
4CN/2021NSW – Lockdown and Restrictions28/06/2021
3CN/2021NSW State Junior Championships – Postponed23/06/2021
2CN/2021NSW State Selection Series – Cancelled 22/06/2021
1CN/2021Dual Registered Female Members – STA Clearances10/06/2021


Memo Title  Date Distributed
372.20Transferring Members Addendum04/12/2020
371.20Joint Circular/Memo Regarding Dual Registered Female Members25/11/2020
370.20Joint Circular/Memo Regarding Community Sport Restrictions 24/09/2020
369.20Memo Regarding Cancellation or Postponement Of Events18/08/2020
368.20Joint Circular/Memo Regarding NSW Sport Guidelines18/08/2020
367.202020 State Pennant Amendment07/08/2020
366.202020 State Pennant Playoffs30/07/2020
365.20Regarding 1 July Bowls Recommencement1/07/2020
364.20Circular Regarding Exemption of Public Health Orders20/05/2020
363.20Joint Circular on Relaxation of Restrictions30/4/2020
362.20Response to ClubsNSW Circular1/04/2020
361.20Joint Advice Regarding COVID-1917/03/2020
360.20Board of Directors10/03/2020
359.20Affiliation Fees6/03/2020
358.20Update on Unification05/02/2020
357.20Dual Registration Declaration &
Clearance Forms Explained

Attachment 1 – Clearance Form
Attachment 2 – Declaration Form
356.20Changes to the 2020 Conditions of Play15/01/2020
355.20Dual Registration and Player Eligibility15/01/2020
354.20Dual Registration Facebook13/01/2020
353.19Dual Registration18/12/2019
352.19CEO Resignation16/12/2019
351.19Unification – Bowls NSW 22/11/2019
350.19Bowls NSW Open Gender Policy10/10/2019
349.19Board of Directors30/09/2019
348.19Board of Directors27/09/2019
347.19Special Visits17/08/2019
 346.19 2020 Pennant Grading 09/08/2019
 345.19 Laws of the Sport of Bowls – Version 3.1 21/06/2019
 343.19b Annual Affiliation Fees – FAQ 24/05/2019
 344.19 District Event Participation 21/05/2019
 343.19 Annual Affiliation Fees 08/05/2019
 342.19 Player Movement Restrictions  17/04/2019
 341.19 Women’s Bowls NSW Uniform (Dress) Policy 13/02/2019
 340.19 Operational Procedures for Districts 01/02/2019
 339.19 Play in Extreme Heat Reminder 16/01/2019
 338.18 Bowls Matters – December Issue  18/12/2018
 337.18 Role & Procedural Handbook 30/10/2018
 336.18 2019 Conditions of Play 26/10/2018
 335.18 Preparing for Election of Club Officers 29/05/2018
 334.18 Membership Grant Scheme   25/05/2018 
 333.18 Notice about District Constitutions 08/05/2018
 332.18 Clarification of 2018 State Championships 11/05/2018 
 331.18 District Operation Changes 20/02/2018 
 330.18 State Dress Policy 30/01/2018